Following our strategy of continuously evolving our product and services, we have evolved the digital ticket even further, creating a ticket storage wallet. A wallet that allows you to store tickets on your smartphone or smartwatch, replacing traditional, printed tickets.


Having completed all necessary steps to fully integrate our system with Apple Wallet and Android Wallet, we are the first ticketing company in Greece to allow our users download their tickets to their mobile device and go directly to the venue access control, avoiding printing!




  • Compatible with both Apple & Android systems
  • Ability to easily save all your tickets in one application
  • Ability to quickly get orders summary
  • Alerts & reminders for upcoming events that you have tickets for
  • Updates in case of a change on your tickets (e.g. change of the event date/time or venue, etc.)
  • Ability to send tickets to friends (via email, imessage, viber, etc.)
  • Reduces the risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets
  • Quick and easy entry at the venue
  • Easy way to go green

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