Ticketmaster Hellas, as part of its constantly developing strategy and services improvement, is pleased to announce the official launch of its partnership with IANOS stores, expanding this way our retail network.



IANOS is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the field of book and culture in general. Their first store was created in 1984 and since then nine more have been added in Thessaloniki and Athens.

During our pilot phase of this collaboration, two (2) of IANOS stores in Athens will sell tickets via the Ticketmaster platform, only on cash, and only for the 2019 Athens & Epidaurus Festival. These two stores are:

  • 24 Stadiou, 10564, Athens
  • 67 Aiolou, 10559, Athens

However, progressively we will be adding more events through more stores of their network.

This new collaboration aims into increasing even further the innovative and high-quality solutions we offer towards the general public for easy and affordable ticket purchase.

We are welcoming this new partnership and wishing every success!

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